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Merck Animal Health Wins Vetty Best of Show and More

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Congratulations to 3D Exhibits client Merck Animal Health for winning Best of Show in the Tradeshow Experience category of the 2019 Vetty Awards. This award recognized Merck’s trade show exhibit program at Veterinary Meeting and Expo 2018 (VMX). The same project (design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits) also won Gold Vettys in the Tradeshow Graphics, Tradeshow Booth, and Tradeshow Experience categories.

In addition, Merck also won 2019 Vetty Awards in 24 other marketing categories, bringing its 2019 Vetty Award win total to 27.

The Vettys are an animal health marketing awards competition sponsored by The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC).

Here are three of Merck’s key challenges and objectives—paired with explanations of how our collaborative solution achieved Vetty greatness.


1. Create a simple, elegant, and unique structure that stood out on the show floor and gave Merck a commanding presence that reinforced their status as a leading animal health company.

The sleek, sweeping header on Merck’s exhibit owned the airspace at VMX 2018. Visible from everywhere on the trade show floor, the commanding element proclaimed: Merck is here.

Merck also incorporated a subtle step-and-repeat pattern of their logo on the exhibit’s backwall. This element, positioned between supersized images of dogs and cats, subliminally connected Merck Animal Health with love for our companion animals.

2. Create a professional presence that embodied the veterinarian’s approach to pet healthcare—cutting edge medicine delivered with the gentle warmth of a fellow animal lover.

While the size of the header visually reinforced the strength of the Merck Animal Health brand, the exhibit’s flowing design, organic shapes, subtle textures and warm ambiance created an inviting space. The overall look and feel of the environment nailed the challenge—a look and feel that simultaneously spoke to scientific sophistication and innovation—while remaining accessible, approachable, and welcoming.


The curves of the header worked together with a center wall to divide the booth into two sections: a lively, interactive environment for all attendees in the front, and a quieter, face-to-face meeting space for qualified prospects in the back. This design solution provided exclusivity without interrupting sight lines or traffic flow.

3. Increase awareness of Bravecto and Nobivac products.

Interactive activities educated attendees about Merck’s product innovations. In the Merck Animal Health Trivia Challenge, attendees competed via iPad to win a timed trivia game. Veterinarians enjoyed friendly competition as they answered as many animal healthcare questions as they could in just one minute. Every participant received the gift of a Merck-branded T-shirt. High scores were displayed on a leader board in the exhibit. Over the four-day show, 3,400 people played Merck Animal Health’s trivia game, answering a huge total of 35,804 questions.


At the Merck Product Information Station, attendees used iPads to share their contact information and opt-in to receive Merck marketing messages. They could also request product information and have it delivered via email. All attendees received a thank you gift, a pair of Merck-branded socks. Thanks to this activity, Merck’s requests for post-show email follow up increased by 21% versus the prior year.


Merck products Bravecto and Nobivac were also featured on the graphics throughout the space.


It was a combination of stunning design, clear graphic messaging, and a memorable experience that led to Merck’s ultimate trifecta Vetty win.



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