Create Engaged Learning with Interactive Trade Show Quizzes

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ProtectYourTurf interactive CUNA Mutual Group 3D Exhibits

Interactive games increase the length of time trade show visitors spend in an exhibit and increase their engagement with your message.

CUNA Mutual Group used this tactic to nearly double its leads at CUNA’s America’s Credit Union Conference. The company had a simple point to make: Its products DEFEND or PROTECT their credit union customers’ interests.

The game worked like this: Staffers invited visitors to pick a common industry risk—such as turnover of top talent or emerging risks and fraud. As the visitor touched their chosen number, a question appeared. The attendee then selected a “defensive play” to combat the risk.

CUNA Mutual Group Interactive 3D Exhibits

Once the play was selected, a pop-up box informed the player “That’s right!” or asked them to please try again. After the correct answer was selected, more information on that “Play” appeared on the screen.

CUNA Mutual Group developed three full sets of questions to keep the game fresh. Everyone who played received a great gift—an imprinted stadium blanket.

CUNA Mutual Group exhibit booth trade show 3D Exhibits

Other elements of the integrated trade show marketing program (created by the 3D Exhibits marketing team) included a pre-show eblast, temporary landing page, carousel ad, print ad, theme exhibit graphics, and post-show email.

CUNA Mutual Group Direct Mailer 3D Exhibits

Trade show exhibit design by 3D Exhibits.

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Hill’s Pet Nutrition Wins Ex Award

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Hills Exhibit

Congratulations to Hill’s Pet Nutrition for taking home the Silver Ex Award in the Best Integrated Trade Show Campaign category. The winning exhibit used the visual metaphor of a home to communicate that Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution achieved 88% success in at-home studies.

Read more about the exhibit and integrated marketing campaign.

The exhibit previously earned a Sizzle Award from Exhibitor Magazine and a B2 Award from the Business Marketing Association.

Hills Exhibit

The 3D Exhibits team attributes the exhibit’s success to the consistent environmental, graphic and verbal messaging—which all reiterated the “success at home” message.

Hills Exhibit people

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Five Steps to Raise the Profile of Your Trade Show Program

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How can a trade show marketer gain management support and increase the visibility of her exhibit program? “Lots of small steps,” advises 20+-year convention marketing veteran Christine DiDomenico.

Christine’s steps to raise the profile of your trade show exhibit program:

  1. Pursue incremental change. “If you try to change too much at once, people get scared,” says Christine. Instead, try one new thing at a time. If that works, try something else.
  2. Achieve ongoing improvement. After you implement something new, step back and evaluate how it worked. Ask: is there a way to make it better? Then tweak as necessary before implementing again.
  3. Build advocates. These are the people with the power—either official or unofficial—who can get others on your side. It may be a boss or department head or a co-worker. Anyone who has the respect of the people you need cooperation from. Let your advocates know what you are trying to accomplish and that you have their interests at heart. With a little luck, they will help smooth the way for you—and maybe even go to bat on your behalf.
  4. Enlist stakeholders. If people have skin in the game, they’ll want the program to succeed, says Christine. She suggests asking for input from constituents from product development to sales—and then rolling at least some of their suggestions into your program. Once they see that you are listening, they’ll start to take ownership and contribute to your program. “It only works if they see elements of their input realized in what you’re doing,” says Christine.
  5. Spread the word. Share your successes and recognize the contributions of everyone who helps your program succeed.  Use memos, e-blasts, internal newsletters, social media, and announcements at meetings to communicate your achievements and to report measurable success.
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Random Access Booth Demo Content With RFID

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3D Exhibits RFID EXHIBITOR Show 2014

In-exhibit demos and presentations just got a little bit slicker. RFID provides a seamless way for each trade show team member to instantly activate her portion of the presentation without having to access a menu.

So how might you use this technology in your booth? You could use it to:

  • Facilitate sharing of workstations by multiple products or specialists.
  • Create a more fluid presentation where you pull up certain topics only if you need them.

3D Exhibits used this technology to customize our demos at EXHIBITOR2014. Every team member wore a bracelet with an embedded RFID chip. A tap of the bracelet against the RFID reader brought that team member’s presentation up on the screen. In other words, a tap of Nicole’s wrist brought up our marketing capabilities. A tap of Dara’s launched our global capabilities.

The result was that every presentation we made was tailored to the attendees’ interests and needs.

RFID Wrist Band close-up 3D Exhibits Exhibitor Show 2014

Let us know if you think this might work for you. Our tech-experts (tech-sperts?) would love to show you how it works.


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Nine Best Practices for Exhibit Mulit-Player Competitive Quizzes

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iphone exhibit booth tradeshow game show interface quiz

For target trade show audiences who like to compete, having a game show/multi-player quiz in your booth can be the perfect attraction.  It draws a crowd and engages your attendees with the fun of vying against one another—all while delivering product fun, fast-paced product education.

Nine tips to maximize results:

Trade show booth quiz show game MC

  1. Set a fun tone, keep the energy level high, and keep the audience engaged by using a professional MC.
  2. Entice participants with a small gift for playing—as well as a slightly nicer prize for the winner.
  3. Draw attention with a large overhead monitor and sound system that allows both players and observers to see (and hear) the game in progress.
  4. Support your game with a crowd gatherer/facilitator. This person can organize and orient participants, help draw observers, give out prizes, and help keep things on track.
  5. If you locate your game inside your exhibit, keep your exhibit sight lines open so people see the it from the aisle. If people can’t see your attraction in action, they won’t know its there and participation will suffer.
  6. If you locate your game along the aisle, create a conversion strategy to entice people watching or taking the quiz to enter your exhibit. This could be having exhibit staff approach attendees and invite them in, or announcing a reward or gift for participation in your booth demos.
  7. Streamline the participant response mechanism by having players select their responses on individual iPhones or iPads.
  8. Keep the quizzes ongoing with just short breaks between runs to keep the momentum going.
  9. Maximize your investment by finding other ways to use your technology.  Consider using the quiz at other shows or on your website. Or perhaps its something sales can load onto iPads and use in the field…





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