EXHIBITORLIVE Attendees Think BIGGER With 3D Exhibits

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3D Exhibits Think Bigger Exhibitorlive

Thank you to all of you who stopped to meet with us at EXHIBITORLIVE! We hope we inspired you to Think BIGGER with your trade show marketing program: Design bigger, Engage bigger, Experience bigger, Measure bigger and Manage bigger.

3D Exhibits Design Bigger Exhibitorlive

If you weren’t at the show or didn’t have a chance to meet with us, this is what you missed: customized consultation on how to generate BIGGER trade show marketing strategies and tactics to build brand and increase sales—without having to turn to bigger budgets or bigger booth spaces.

3D Exhibits Think Bigger Exhibitorlive 2

Our enclosed meeting space was pretty cool too. It featured a 16’-high constantly evolving LED wall of micro-to-macro images.

If you did miss us, it’s not too late. We’d love to schedule a phone consultation to help you get started on the journey to thinking BIGGER. Email me at NGenarella (at) 3DExhibits (dot) com and we’ll get something on the calendar.


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If you didn’t get by yesterday, come see us today at booth #1345. We’re having a great time–as usual. And we have lots of yummy food, too.

Think Bigger 3D Exhibits, exhibitorlive


3D Exhibits Think Bigger

3D Exhibits strategize bigger

Exhibitorlive 3D Exhibits

Exhibitorlive 3D Exhibits food

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prep for Exhibitorlive

The 3D Exhibits team is looking forward to seeing you next week at EXHIBITORLIVE. We’ll be at booth #1345.

Til then, this is what’s on our minds…



Sung to the tune of Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town in the style of Bruce Springstein


We’re designing a booth

And building it too

Getting’ it ready

To meet with you




Preppin’ for EXHIBITOR-LI-IVE!


We’re setting appointments

-and checking them twice

Gonna find out who wants our advice




Preppin’ for EXHIBITOR-LI-IVE!


We’re packing comfy shoes

Travelin’ to Vegas town

Something BIG is coming so

We better get our messaging down.

We’re designing a booth

And building it too

We’re so excited

To meet with you




Preppin’ for EXHIBITOR-LI-IVE!





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Something BIG Is Coming to EXHIBITORLIVE!

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3D Exhibits Big is Coming

If you’re ready to push your exhibit design and trade show marketing program further, 3D Exhibits invites you to experience something BIG at the 3D Exhibits trade show exhibit at EXHIBITORLIVE.

Visit us at booth #1345 to learn how to elevate your trade show exhibit strategy, design and engagement with BIG ideas that generate BIG results. We’ll be continuing our tradition of serving yummy treats—but this year with a BIG twist for attendees who schedule meetings with us.

Meetings will be held in a private space within the booth—open only to attendees who are ready to have a serious conversation about their objectives for their exhibit program. We promise different—and fun—but aside from that, our lips are sealed until the show…

Meetings can be pre-scheduled at See you there!



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EXHIBITORLIVE Session Preview: Trade Show Exhibit Design Best Practices

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Trade show Exhibit design trends and best practices approach 2

To entice you to come to our educational session at EXHIBITORLIVE, we’re sharing a preview of our session.

Exhibit Design and Marketing: Best Practices Applied, which will be presented on Tuesday, March 1 at 8 a.m. by our own Nicole Genarella and Lisa Sinicki, will delve into examples of design, engagement and marketing tactics that can be utilized by exhibitors of virtually any size. One of the techniques we’ll examine—that can enhance brand, communicate your message and enable attendees to understand your capabilities quickly and effectively—is to express your brand or message dimensionally with your exhibitry.

How to Express Your Brand or Message Dimensionally with Your Exhibitry:

Approach 1- Fabricate Your Exhibit From Your Product

trade show exhibit design approach booth made out of product

One example of this technique applied is Trindo—a company that makes 3D printers. Trindo used its printers to cut out intricately sculpted panels with an airy texture somewhat resembling that of a sea fan. Then it adhered those panels to lightboxes to create a unique finish texture that highlighted its capabilities.

Can you think of a better way to demonstrate what your product does than to integrate it into your exhibit as a building material?

closeup trade show booth made out of product

Adapt this approach to your product by asking yourself questions:

  1. Can your product or any aspect of it be displayed in an artful way?
  2. Can what your product or any aspect of it be displayed in an artful way?
  3. Can your product or a component of it be used to create cabinets, furniture or other physical elements?

Approach 2- Demonstrate the Extent of Your Capabilities

Another way to express your brand or message dimensionally through your exhibitry is to create a continuous-running demo that shows the far reaches of your capabilities. Do it right and you’ll both surprise and delight attendees.

Festo, a company that creates process automations, demonstrated the far extent of its capabilities with robot jellyfish that swam in a plexi cylinder in the middle of its 10’x20’ exhibit.

These intricately-detailed and fluid-swimming robots testify definitively to the degree of precision and complexity Festo can handle in its automations.

So how do you adapt this technique to your own exhibit? Start by asking yourself:

1 . Is there a surprising way we can demonstrate the far extremes of our capabilities?

2. Can we create a demo that will show our products in a new way that will take people’s breath away?

3. Can we position/stage our demo to make it into a booth attract?

Ask enough questions and you just might stumble onto a unique solution that communicates exactly what your brand is trying to say.

Approach 3- Theme Your Exhibit To Reiterate Your Message

If there is an environment where your product delivers results, consider recreating it in your exhibit. This could be a retail space, a residential kitchen or in a medical lab. For example, Hill’s Pet Nutrition exhibit amplified that its canine weight loss products work at home—by creating an exhibit that resembled a suburban residence.

Approach 4: Integrate Product Into Lifestyle Vignettes

This can be a full immersive environment—or just a few props added around your product that help visitors to imagine how the product would look and function in their own home or business. Learn more about why integrate vignettes into your exhibit and how to integrate vignettes into your exhibit.

Approach 5: Integrate An Aspect Of Your Corporate Culture Into Your Exhibit

If you really want attendees to get a feel for your brand, weave an aspect of your culture into your booth. For instance, if your office has lots of cool art on the walls—bring some of it to the show to adorn the walls of your exhibit. Or if your team does most of its thinking with the help of white boards, integrate those into your exhibit.

If you’re hungry for more, please come to our session. Or even better, visit us at our EXHIBITORLIVE booth (#1345). Schedule a 20-minute meeting with us at the show and we’ll help you brainstorm how to apply these and other trends and best practices to your exhibit.




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