U3D: 3D Exhibits Harnesses Technology, Creates Custom Experiences for Individual EXHIBITORLIVE Attendees

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U3D 3D Exhibits logo

3D Exhibits invites YOU to experience firsthand how technology can be used to create customized customer experiences in your trade show exhibits. As part of our U3D campaign, we will create a personalized experience for qualified EXHIBITORLIVE attendees who schedule time to sit down and speak with us in the 3D Exhibits booth.

The 3D Exhibits U3D custom experience is based on the information YOU provide in advance. Schedule your appointment now at

Our guests will also receive a 3D Exhibits NFC wristband. If you’re spotted wearing your wristband in the exhibit hall, you could win a $10.00 Starbucks gift card. Five Starbucks gift cards will be given out daily.

Experience how 3D Exhibits puts YOU at the center of everything we do at booth #1637 at EXHIBITORLIVE 2015, to be held March 2-4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. And feel free to bring your RFP. We’re ready to create solutions for YOU.


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U3D: 3D Exhibits Demonstrates New State-of-the-Art Trade Show Booth Visitor Scheduling App for EXHIBITORLIVE

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U3D 3D Exhibits logo

Exhibit managers thinking of pre-scheduling meetings with customers and prospects at their trade show booths—or creating experiences customized for individual attendees—have a solid solution to explore as they plan their trip to EXHIBITORLIVE 2015. 3D Exhibits invites YOU to experience our state-of-the-art trade show visitor-scheduling app as you plan your visit to EXHIBITORLIVE 2015—and then visit us at the show to enjoy a personalized experience in our booth.

As part of our 3D Exhibits’ U3D campaign, we have opened a registration site at where YOU can pre-schedule appointments at EXHIBITORLIVE with our 3D Exhibits team. Based on the information YOU provide in advance, we will create a custom experience for your visit to the 3D Exhibits booth. “Your interactive, marketing and technology are just as important to your trade show success as your exhibit design and your build and program management,” says Gene Faut, president of 3D Exhibits.

Experience how 3D Exhibits puts YOU at the center of everything we do at booth #1637 at EXHIBITORLIVE 2015, to be held March 2-4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. And feel free to bring your RFP. We’re ready to create solutions for YOU.

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3D Exhibits To Launch U3D Campaign at EXHIBITORLIVE 2015

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U3D 3D Exhibits logo

3D Exhibits will unveil its 2015 campaign, U3D, at booth #1637 at the EXHIBITORLIVE 2015 trade show, to be held March 2-4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The U3D campaign will focus on YOU, the client, and demonstrate how our team at 3D Exhibits customizes everything it does on your behalf. Our 2015 advertising and exhibit program will focus on the U3D -theme, with the environment at EXHIBITORLIVE delivering an experience that will help improve your exhibit design, your build and program management, and your interactive, marketing and technology.

Gene Faut, our president, says that the people who visit our exhibit can expect something special. “Every qualified visitor who sits down and discusses their program with us is going to get a very personalized experience that they will help design,” he says.

We invite exhibit managers who are ready to begin the Journey to trade show success to pre-schedule their meeting with us at EXHIBITORLIVE. Sign up at We’ll be waiting for YOU with a custom experience and solutions that solve your trade show marketing challenges.

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Increase Trade Show Exhibit Dwell Time With Interactive Coffee App

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trade show coffee order app
Use exhibit attendees’ love of coffee to entice them to take a deeper dive into your trade show marketing content.

Exhibitors have been using coffee service to drive trade show attendees to their booths for years. The problem has always been that almost all of the visitors leave the exhibit as soon as they have their coffee in hand. This ingenious coffee order app and delivery service ensures that visitors remain in your booth and learn about your show coffee order app 2

Here’s how Hill’s Pet Nutrition did it at NAVC 2015:

  1. Hill’s had 3D Exhibits create a custom coffee order app that was loaded onto iPads that were mounted adjacent to comfortable benches.
  2. Attendees sitting at the stations placed their orders—either on their own or with the help of a Hill’s rep. Each order automatically included the location of the visitor to enable delivery.
  3. The app automatically sent the order to the barista station—where it was output on a small printer for fulfillment.
  4. Visitors continued to explore Hill’s company and product information—and chat with Hill’s reps—as they waited.
  5. As each order was filled, a waitress delivered the coffee to the correct visitor. In almost all cases, the visitor continued to explore Hill’s company and product information as they sipped their coffee.

trade show coffee app 3

The result is more people hanging out longer—and leaving your booth more fully immersed in your brand.

How do you get visitors to engage more deeply with your exhibit content? Let me know at

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Use iBeacons to Enhance Your Trade Show Exhibit Engagement

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This month, 3D Exhibits’ tech guru Evan Plotkin explains iBeacon, a trade show technology that enhances exhibit design and marketing engagement.

What is iBeacon and why use it in my trade show booth?

Evan: iBeacon is a technology that automatically sends content to individuals’ devices that have been loaded with an iBeam app (via Bluetooth). The benefit is that the content is pushed—automatically transferred—when an individual is in proximity of the iBeam.

The most basic way to use iBeacon is to place it alongside a product or demo. Then, as people approach the product and iBeacon, the screen of the device is populated with content. Attendees can read the content or, if they prefer, save it to review later.

This technology works great in exhibits, permanent installations, visitor centers, lobby installations, and hospitality events—any environment where you would have an array of products or demos.

iBeacon can make an experience very museum-like. It’s not surprising that the earliest adaptors have been retailers, such as the Apple Store, which is pictured above.

When is this trade show technology a good fit?

Evan: I recommend iBeacon for situations where:

  • The sales reps aren’t trained to speak to everything in the booth.
  • Your target audience prefers to do self-guided tours than to have a rep interact with them (or before a rep interacts with them).
  • You need to disseminate a lot of information to attendees.

What sort of content can I share via iBeacon?

Evan: iBeacon content can be images, copy, charts, video, animations—anything you like.

What hardware and software do I need?

Evan: iBeacon requires that your attendees each have a mobile device—either of their own or one that you provide. This can be a Smartphone or tablet. iBeacon works on both Apple and Android platforms.

You will also need a custom-for-your-project iBeacon app downloaded onto each device. This is the one downside for trade show use—you have to ask everyone to download your app—or loan them hardware. Of course you can always email your key contacts before the show and give them a link to download the app in advance.

What about the iBeacons themselves?

Evan: iBeacon sensors are fairly small and can be almost invisible. I like options where the sensors are contained in something small and flat like a sticker or keychain.

iBeacon stickers

How is iBeacon better than other technologies—say a touch screen?

Evan: With a touch screen, your visitors have to drill down several clicks to get to the information they want. (I.e. select the correct category, then the correct product type, then finally the correct model). With iBeacon visitors walk up to the item they want and boom—they have the information in their hands.

Another advantage is that with iBeacon you don’t have to have extra screens cluttering up your space. It’s a really clean solution.

Does iBeacon provide any analytics?

Evan: iBeam gives you great data for measurement. Reports tell you what was looked at, by whom, when—and where they went next. From this data you can analyze traffic flow through your exhibit and which products got the most attention.

Is iBeam expensive?

Evan: Compared to other technologies, iBeacon is relatively cost effective—just a small investment is required to get six beacons and the app. The big cost can be content development—but if you have existing content or other ways to repurpose the content after the show, the per-use cost can be reasonable.

If you’d like to explore how we can increase visitor engagement in your trade show booth with iBeacon, shoot me an email at


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