3D Exhibits Customer GAF Materials Corp. Featured in EXHIBITOR Magazine

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trade show exhibit design marketing program

Congratulations to 3D Exhibits customer GAF Materials Corp. for getting coverage in the June 2015 issue of EXHIBITOR Magazinethe publication of exhibit design and trade show marketing.

The article, “Marketing Momentum,” shares ten examples of how markers have integrated motion into their booth design and exhibit marketing programs to draw the attention of trade show attendees. “Our primal response when we encounter anything in motion is to direct our attention towards it,” says the article.

trade show exhibit design and marketing

trade show exhibit design and marketing

GAF is included in the article for a trade show marketing promotion it ran at the International Builder’s Show. The promotion used a transparent booth filled with blowing cash to reiterate that its roofing products increase the sale price of a newly constructed home by an average of $13, 545.00 (per a National Association of Realtors study)

Learn more about this successful promotion.

How have you used motion to draw attention to your exhibit?

trade show exhibit design and marketing best practice

trade show exhibit design and marketing promotion

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What Does Comprehensive Exhibit Measurement Look Like?

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Trade show exhibit measurement dashboard

“What is the best way to quantify my trade show exhibit results?” This is a question our 3D Exhibits measurement team answers fairly often. And this is our response:

Currently, the most thorough way to quantify your trade show booth results is through a combo of tablet technology and staff interaction. Ideally, a tablet carrying brand representative greets each visitor, scans them into the system and escorts them through their experience.

Meanwhile, on the back end, data is collected—with an option to view what’s being collected in real-time via an online dashboard. (see image above)

trade show exhibit measurement

This system delivers a multitude of measurement opportunities:

Measurement Opportunities:

  • Capture contact and demographic information about each visitor.
  • Identify visitor interests by recording which demos they participate in and which documents they view—as well as what follow-up materials they request. Use this information to quantify overall attendee interests and to provide customized follow-up outreach.
  • Quantify the duration of each visitor engagement. Use this data to quantify visitor dwell time and to assess individual visitor interest level—as well as to quantify ideal interaction time benchmarks for future shows.
  • Identify and quantify which visitors make return visits.
  • Record the staff member who spoke to each contact. Use this to correlate dwell time with individual staff performance. Use the online dashboard to view this information in real-time and coach individual staff members to lengthen or shorten their typical engagements.
  • Quantify the total number of visitors and the number visitors engaged by each staff member. Use this data in real-time to coach underperforming staff members and congratulate top performers.
  • Review dwell time statistics to compare the activities of current customers versus new prospects.
  • Assess booth traffic by day to calculate staffing needs for next year.
  • Incorporate an exit survey to quantify visitors’ quality of experience and agreement with your message.
  • Track and graph results per show or create whole-schedule comparisons to identify top performing shows.
  • Track long-term to view correlations between types of interaction and eventual sales, specific reps and eventual closed sales, reps and length of time to close of sales,

Plus, you can download your data to a spreadsheet to slice, dice, crunch and analyze it in any other way you can think of.

Our customer, Dell Computer, won a 2012 Event Marketer Magazine Event Tech Award for Best Use of Hand-Held Technology for implementing this sort of system. From its system, Dell knows the customer demographic present at each show, which stations each type of customer visits, how many times every visitor returned during the show, what literature is requested and how much total time is spent in the exhibit. This information makes it much easier for the sales reps to follow-up and move toward a sale.

That system is now four years old, and while technology has evolved, that type of approach is just as relevant now as it was then. (Read what Event Marketer magazine had to say about that program here.)

What is your preferred trade show exhibit measurement technique?

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How To Assess Whether To Use A Particular Technology in Your Trade Show Booth

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trade show exhibit technology

TSNN’s recent article, “How Much is Too Much When It Comes to Event Technology,” got us thinking. Although the article is more about the trade show or event as a whole—rather than about a single company’s trade show exhibit, the same perspective applies: When it comes to trade show booth technology, more isn’t always better.

So how do you discern if a particular exhibit technology or application will be of value to you versus cool just for the sake of being cool? We’ve put together a list of questions you can ask yourself to make that determination. These questions apply to augmented reality, touch screens, custom apps, lead gen and more. To get the best responses, consider the technology, the content, and the user experience in your answers.

The YES questions

Ask yourself the following questions about the trade show technology under consideration. Any technology that doesn’t generate a “yes” to at least one of these questions is probably not the right technology for you.

  1. Does the technology enhance your visitors’ experience in your trade show exhibit in a way that enhances or articulates your message or brand?
  1. Does the technology draw attention in a way that is consistent with your product or message?
  1. Is the technology and the way it is implemented consistent with your brand, product and message?
  1. Does the technology explain something or tell a story about your brand or product?
  1. Does the technology draw attention to the attributes of your company or product that you want to highlight?
  1. Does the technology draw your target audience into your exhibit?
  1. Does the technology extend the length or depth of engagement with visitors?
  1. Does the technology increase quality or length of engagement with your product, message or brand?
  1. Does the technology enable you to build a stronger relationship with customers and prospects?
  1. Does the technology enable you to customize visitors’ experiences based on their preferences, needs or interests?
  1. Does the technology reinforce your commitment to service and/or innovation?
  1. Does the technology increase ROI or help measure the success of your trade show exhibit.
  1. Does the technology enable you to reach people you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise?
  1. Is the cost associated with the technology in proportion to the value it will provide? In other words, will the value (in impressions, number of visitors, length of engagement, etc.) be in line with the cost?

The NO questions

Ask yourself the following questions about the trade show technology under consideration. Consider any “yes” to these questions to be a red flag indicating that the technology under consideration is probably not the right technology for you.

  1. Does the technology confuse your message or draw attention away from your product?
  1. Does the technology distract from your message and/or product?

Are there any other questions you use to evaluate trade show technology? If so, please share in the comments below.



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3D Exhibits Featured On

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3D Exhibits trade show booth design

Mark Travers, publisher of Events in America stopped by the 3D Exhibits booth during EXHIBITORLIVE! to interview our own Gene Faut and Nicole Generalla. What ensued was an interesting discussion about how the exhibit design and fabrication industry has changed over the past 20 years. The conversation delved into trade show booth technology, exhibit measurement and ROI, and our predictions for the future.

Read the complete interview here.

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Thomson Reuters Trade Show Marketing Program Takes Silver EX Award

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trade show exhibit design nfc

Congratulations to 3D Exhibits client Thomson Reuters—for its exhibit’s big win at the 2015 EX Awards, sponsored by Event Marketer magazine. We’re very proud of the accolades earned by their trade show marketing program and of the interactive technology used in the exhibit.

Thomson Reuters earned Silver in the Best Integrated Trade Show Campaign category.  Its winning program leveraged pre-show outreach, exhibit design and an interactive game in the exhibit to engage and excite AALL (American Association of Law Libraries) annual meeting attendees. As a result of the program, visitors lengthened their stay in the booth longer as they participated in demos that educated them about relevant Thomson Reuters solutions.

You can learn more about how Thomson Reuters used RFID/NFC to increase booth interactivity here—or about its Instagram wall here.

award winning trade show booth

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