Expand Your Color Palette to Warm Up Your Trade Show Exhibit Design

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Bio-Rad Exhibit 3D Exhibits

We want our exhibits to be warm and inviting—and yet most of us are stuck with bold corporate color palettes that, while they look great in a logo bug, aren’t the ideal tones to create a welcoming and textured environment.

Exhibit environments that stick 100-percent to their corporate identity colors run the risk of appearing hard, harsh and cold. In contrast, exhibits that integrate a variety of tones appear more nuanced, comforting and rich.

The good news is that, there is a fairly easy solution: Accent and support your palette with a variety of tones that compliment your corporate colors. Three approaches:

1. Employ a Tonal Approach. Create a tonal environment by broadening your design palette to include shades near-to your corporate color. BioRad, for instance, surrounded its hunter green logo with shades of leaf, grass, lime and emerald. The resulting environment was rich and alive—highly fitting for a life sciences company.

Bio-Rad Exhibit 2 3D Exhibits

2. Add A Complimentary Earth Tone Accent. Earth tones and natural materials have a similar softening effect Lunada Bay Tile employed both a tonal palette and earthy ochres and siennas to create a soft, warm, homey vibe in its exhibit. Not an easy accomplishment for a company whose product is tile. Read more about this exhibit.

Lunada Bay Tonal Treatment 3D Exhibits


3. Go Mega Graphics. As far as adding visual variety, texture and richness, graphics can do a lot of the heavy lifting—especially if you go ultra-large. In 3D Exhibits’ booth at EXHIBITORLIVE, we used densely colored, constantly evolving graphics on an LED wall to add softness and depth to an exhibit that otherwise featured our black and red corporate colors. Read more about this exhibit.

3D Exhibits Exhibitorlive2016

How do you soften up your exhibit environment to make it more comfortable and welcoming to visitors?


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3D Exhibits Enjoys “Organic” Growth

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3D Exhibits, Natures Plus NPE 2016

The 3D Exhibits team loves Natural Products Expo—and is thrilled that the number of clients we serve in this important market continues to grow. As a company that runs 5K races together and a team that shares a passion for health and fitness, it’s especially fulfilling to know we’re contributing to the healthy and organic products industry.

This year we provided trade show exhibit design and marketing services to eleven clients—including six new booth designs. Natures Plus, Brad’s Raw Foods, Medora Snacks, Bobo’s Oat Bars, Choice of Nature and Genesis Today joined our portfolio of clients at the show—which already included Garden of Life, Now Foods, Seventh Generation, ITO EN and Boulder Brands.

Natures Plus zoom 3D Exhibits

The new booth we built for Natures Plus had a high-end boutique hotel lobby feel, complete with free wifi, integrated sound systems and a calming water feature to encourage attendees to hang out, sample products, explore the new website and get to know the brand.

Interactive elements got attendees to take a second look in the Boulder Brands booth, where large touch screens demonstrated how the company’s products appear on attendees’ store shelves—before letting them drill down into detailed product information.

Boulder Brands touch drill down 3D Exhibits

Detail Boulder Brands interactive 3D Exhibits

Genesis Today and Bobo’s Oat Bars showcased our ability to create simple, cost-effective exhibit design solutions for smaller companies.

bobo's oat bars exhibit design 3D Exhibits


Genesis Today exhibit design 3D Exhibits

Garden of Life’s super-sized garden tools and watering can/meeting room showed-off our ability to deliver beyond traditional exhibit architecture.

Garden of Life trade show exhibit design

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CAUTION: Giving Can Be Habit Forming

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3D Exhibits supports RMH

Five years and counting. We can’t imagine ending our week at EXHIBITORLIVE! without our annual trip to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas. This year, we made a repeat donation of $15,000.00.

RMH game room sponsored by 3D Exhibits

Alyson McCarthy, Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas, was excited to show us the new game room that our donations have sponsored, complete with air hockey table, doll house, movies, karoke machine, and video games. The game room provides a much needed indoor space where kids can blow off steam and get a little loud.

3D Exhibits sponsors RMH game room

All highly fitting because Ronald McDonald House is a “home away from home” for families who stay there while their children undergo inpatient or long-term outpatient treatment at Las Vegas area hospitals.

3D Exhibits donation RMH

Our five years of donations have also supported a kitchen and dining room remodel and a complete renovation of guest rooms.


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EXHIBITORLIVE Attendees Think BIGGER With 3D Exhibits

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3D Exhibits Think Bigger Exhibitorlive

Thank you to all of you who stopped to meet with us at EXHIBITORLIVE! We hope we inspired you to Think BIGGER with your trade show marketing program: Design bigger, Engage bigger, Experience bigger, Measure bigger and Manage bigger.

3D Exhibits Design Bigger Exhibitorlive

If you weren’t at the show or didn’t have a chance to meet with us, this is what you missed: customized consultation on how to generate BIGGER trade show marketing strategies and tactics to build brand and increase sales—without having to turn to bigger budgets or bigger booth spaces.

3D Exhibits Think Bigger Exhibitorlive 2

Our enclosed meeting space was pretty cool too. It featured a 16’-high constantly evolving LED wall of micro-to-macro images.

If you did miss us, it’s not too late. We’d love to schedule a phone consultation to help you get started on the journey to thinking BIGGER. Email me at NGenarella (at) 3DExhibits (dot) com and we’ll get something on the calendar.


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If you didn’t get by yesterday, come see us today at booth #1345. We’re having a great time–as usual. And we have lots of yummy food, too.

Think Bigger 3D Exhibits, exhibitorlive


3D Exhibits Think Bigger

3D Exhibits strategize bigger

Exhibitorlive 3D Exhibits

Exhibitorlive 3D Exhibits food

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