Thomson Reuters Trade Show Marketing Program Takes Silver EX Award

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trade show exhibit design nfc

Congratulations to 3D Exhibits client Thomson Reuters—for its exhibit’s big win at the 2015 EX Awards, sponsored by Event Marketer magazine. We’re very proud of the accolades earned by their trade show marketing program and of the interactive technology used in the exhibit.

Thomson Reuters earned Silver in the Best Integrated Trade Show Campaign category.  Its winning program leveraged pre-show outreach, exhibit design and an interactive game in the exhibit to engage and excite AALL (American Association of Law Libraries) annual meeting attendees. As a result of the program, visitors lengthened their stay in the booth longer as they participated in demos that educated them about relevant Thomson Reuters solutions.

You can learn more about how Thomson Reuters used RFID/NFC to increase booth interactivity here—or about its Instagram wall here.

award winning trade show booth

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3 Ways to Draw Attention at a Trade Show

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trade show guerrilla marketing 3D Exhibits

The competition may be tough, but it is possible to stand out on the trade show floor. Just be innovative with your booth design, implement guerilla marketing or stage a formal product unveiling in your booth—and you’ll quickly draw the attention you seek.

Here’s how:

1.  Cause a ruckus outside the exhibit hall. 

Guerilla marketing is still underutilized at most trade shows. And that means big opportunity. Make sure people notice your company by creating a street team of enthusiastic young people wearing your corporate color. Then give your team something interesting to do (like spell out your company name) or carry (like giant balloons) and you’ll draw the attention you desire.

Click here to see another example of great guerrilla marketing.

trade show guerrilla marketing 3D Exhibits

2.  Unveil new product in your exhibit.

Nothing draws attention like a mystery. And nothing creates a mystery like an object cloaked in a drape.

Best practice is to have your draped product visible from the aisle when the show opens to generate curiosity. When people approach for a closer look, invite them to return at a set time to witness your scheduled unveiling. Pair this with an eblasted pre-show invite to your unveiling, and you are likely to find a sizable crowd in your booth for your event.

Click here to see an example of a large, in-booth new product unveiling.

trade show booth new product unveiling event

3.  Design something very visible and highly unexpected.

Don’t underestimate how powerful an element of surprise can be in drawing attention to your exhibit. Stop people in their tracks by incorporating something unexpected into your exhibit design. Think unusual shape or structure, supersized iconic element, or the thing your product is turning upside-down actually hung upside-down over your exhibit.

Click here to learn more about this project.

unexpected trade show booth design element

What have you done to draw attention to your booth?

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Trade Show Exhibit Design Trend: Rough Hewn Wood

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Trade show booth display design best practces

3D Exhibits has identified rough-hewn wood as the latest trade show exhibit design trend. Marketers are using this material in their trade show booth displays to make their exhibit environments as warm and inviting as possible.

Expect to see rough textured, unfinished, wide wood beams integrated into all sorts of trade show exhibit designs. Rough-hewn wood makes your booth feel homey, accessible and comfortable. It communicates approachability, authenticity and attests to a down-to-earth perspective.

And, just in case you didn’t get the memo, warm and inviting is a must now that the exhibit marketing best practice is to entice qualified attendees to stay and engage long enough to launch a relationship, rather than what we did ten years ago, which was to qualify and disengage trade show attendees as quickly as possible.

3D Exhibits used rough-hewn wood to articulate brand attributes of healthy and outdoorsy for natural foods company, Boulder Brands. This helped Boulder Brands position themselves as a key player at Natural Products Expo West.

trade show exhibit booth display design trend

But rough-hewn wood isn’t just for companies with natural and outdoor products. It’s even for companies who are tech-savvy and have scientific research behind their products. Example: for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, 3D Exhibits created a display that balanced homey and high-tech by integrating both rough-hewn wood surfaces and innovative interactive technology.

Trade show exhibit booth display design trend

And even on our own 3D Exhibits booth exhibit, which incorporated RFID technology to customize every visitor’s experience, we went with a few walls of rough-hewn wood—just to keep it real.

Trade show exhibit booth display design trend

Would your exhibit environment be enhanced with rough-hewn wood?

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The Value of Collaboration in Exhibit Design and Marketing

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collaborate trade show exhibit design

The best trade show exhibit design and exhibit marketing solutions occur when our clients actively participate in the design process.

Steve Jobs’ famous 2005 Stanford University commencement speech talks about how great ideas come from connecting the dots. Jobs used examples from his own life to illustrate how we all pull nuggets from the things we learn and experience along the way—then, when the time is right, ultimately assemble them into something new.

This is certainly the case when it comes to the creation of trade show exhibit design and trade show marketing campaigns. It’s almost magical how the interior design of the new café up the street from the office—and something a beloved character said last night on TV—spark an idea for an interactive technology experience that is destined to attract and engage your target audience.

The only thing more magical is when we pull from combined group experience—and that group includes you, our client. That’s when we really get rocking…

award winning trade show exhibit design

Think about it. You live and breathe the brand every day. You understand it in a deep, emotional, instinctual way. You know the customers and industry. You lived the company’s past—and you have a vision of what the future will be.

You possess brand embodiment.

The exhibit we created for Hill’s Pet Nutrition in January is an example of the best case scenario. That project kicked off with a brainstorming session that included multiple participants from Hill’s and Hill’s agencies. We sent the 3D Exhibits AE, a designer and a marketer.

The resulting exhibit was attractive, engaging and interactive. We connected with a couple thousand customers and increased visitor dwell time. We integrated cool technology and a social media experience. We gave it millennial appeal.

award winning trade show exhibit marketing

All of this was possible for one reason: Hill’s and its agencies added their dots to ours—which led us all to a new, more inspired destination.

Often we are asked to design without brand collaboration. Sometimes it’s because our client is busy and other times we are in a bid situation and the prospect feels that being hands off is the only way to be fair to all bidders.

Yes, we still do a great job in these instances. But we can’t help wondering what we might have come up with if the client had been an active participant. Where else might the solution have gone—if they had only shared their dots?

Watch Steve Jobs’ entire speech:


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Trade Show Exhibit Design Trend: Captive, But Not Claustrophobic

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trade show exhibit design trend 3D Exhbits

Trade show marketers want to immerse visitors in their brand. Place them in an enclosed space and turn them into a willing Brand Captive—if you will. At the same time, they don’t want the space to feel claustrophobic.

Is it possible to do both at once? Create a brand-enclosure without making people feel enclosed?

“Absolutely yes,” says Jeff Bartle, chief creative officer for 3D Exhibits. “It just takes a little design ingenuity.

Two Ways To Create Enclosed Yet Spacious Trade Show Exhibits

1. Louver Wall. The approach used in the Audi exhibit above uses a louvered wall and ceiling to visually enclose the space—creating a complete brand immersion of color, light and form inside. From the outside, the space is completely open on two sides, with the other two blocked physically but not visually. “From a distance, it looks like a solid structure. But because there is a good four feet of space between the louvers, people standing next to the booth can see right in—our out,” says Bartle.

enclosed spacious trade show exhibit design

2. Inside Outside. For EXHIBITORLIVE2015, 3D Exhibits created a cozy environment by dividing a 20’x30’ space into four meeting areas. “We staggered the walls and used changes in finish, texture and color on both the walls and ceilings to create separate rooms and add visual interest—without using any physical dividers between the individual spaces,” says Bartle. These included wood, custom-patterned laminate, and even faux grass.

An LED sky mural—which featured moving clouds, butterflies and an occasional hot air balloon created the illusion of expanded space—as did the use of translucent panels for a couple of the wall segments.

trade show exhibit design trend

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