EMI Research Reveals: Event Marketing Delivers!

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EventTrack report EMI 2014 cover

The Event Marketing Institute’s 2014 EventTrack study confirmed what we exhibit and event marketers have intuitively known all along—event and experiential marketing is now the most effective way for marketers to connect with their audiences. Sponsored by Mosaic, the report includes the results of three separate surveys—one to brand marketers, one to agencies and one to consumers.

Over 600 major corporations responded to the brand survey. Key findings include:

  • 79% of companies participate in events to increase sales, 78% to increase/create brand awareness, 59% to launch new products, 52% to enhance product knowledge & understanding, and 51% to influence deeper customer involvement.
  • Brand marketers expect their annual budgets to increase by over 5% in 2014.
  • 78% of brands are measuring their event and experiential programs in 2014—an increase of 7% versus 2013.

At the other end of the spectrum:

  • 74% of consumers surveyed reported having a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product, or service after event participation.
  • 93% said live events help them understand products or services better than TV commercials.
  • 96% said when it was a product they were interested in, participating in the event made them more inclined to purchase.

Overall, the survey provides a rosy outlook for our industry’s future. It is also is a valuable tool that exhibit managers whose brands haven’t fully embraced the power of events can leverage to motivate management to get onboard.

Download the EventTrack 2014 executive summary at

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Direct Trade Show Attendees’ Attention With Light

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MC Appliances pendant lights 3D Exhibits

Lighting is an excellent tool to direct trade show attendees’ attention to specific portions of your exhibit. Use light to direct traffic flow, highlight a particular area of your booth, or give new products the hero treatment.

Three examples:


Illumina 3D Exhibits lighting

Illumina—“Check This Out”

Illumina used illuminated LED inlays to draw attendees to its demo kiosks. The glowing pinstripes cycled through the entire of spectrum of color—blue to red and back again, which added visual punch to the kiosks’ appearance and helped Illumina stand out on the show floor.


MC Appliances pendant lights 3D Exhibits

MC Appliances—“May I Help You”

A common exhibiting challenge is intuitively directing attendees to your reception counter. MC Appliances overcame this with a trio of simple pendant lights that called attention to the counter and drew visitors’ attention.


exhibit light

Alcon—“Look At This!”

Although we didn’t design Alcon’s exhibit, we had to include this great technique for highlighting new products. This plexi surface is so thin it practically blends into the carpet. But it emits enough light to give the product placed on it the “hero: treatment.


Elkay and MC Appliances exhibits designed by 3D Exhibits.


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Start Your HCEA Annual Meeting Journey with 3D Exhibits

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3D Exhibits Let The Journey Begin Exhibitor 2014

While you’re planning your agenda for this year’s HCEA Annual Meeting—June 21-24 in Cleveland, Ohio, be sure to put a visit to 3D Exhibits (Booth #424) at the top of your to-do list.

Eight reasons to put 3D Exhibits on your HCEA agenda:

  1. It’s all about you. We’re delivering custom experiences that focus on you and what you need.
  2. Increase results. Discover ideas, tools, and tactics that increase the effectiveness of your exhibit program.
  3. Yum. Can you say sparkling soft drinks and popcorn balls?
  4. Trade show technology. Learn what’s new—and how to make it work for you.
  5. Inspiration. We have got some interesting case studies for you…
  6. A fun gift. We think you’ll like it.
  7. Get to know us better. We’re resourceful, creative—and really fun.
  8. Education. Ok, this one isn’t actually in our booth, but we hope you’ll join our own Michael Seymour as he moderates breakout session: “The Art of Healthcare Data Collection: The Means to the End.”  Michael has put together some great panelists to address this hot topic.

In addition, Michael is presenting a session on budgeting titled “Doing More with Less v2014.”

Hope to see you there!


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Money Talks—and Drives GAF Trade Show Leads

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GAF IBS promotion 3D Exhibits

GAF knows how to get customers’ attention in its trade show exhibit. At IBS 2014 the roofing manufacturer reached its target audience of builders and contractors with a great promotion—the chance to win $13,545.

GAF money booth IBS trade show booth 3D Exhibits

Why the odd number? Because GAF had a message to spread.  A study by the National Association of Realtors® appraisers estimated that installing GAF Timberline® Lifetime Shingles can increase a home’s value by an average of 5% versus using basic 3-tab shingles. Based on the average new home price of $270,900, that 5% increase equates to—you guessed it—$13,545.

*2013 NAR survey participants were active REALTORS® and REALTOR® Appraisers who had helped someone buy or sell a home featuring Timberline® Shingles in the past three years.

GAF money booth IBS trade show booth 3D Exhibits

GAF advertised the promotion in its exhibit with a money-booth and supersized banners. It also spread the word through Tweets to its 6,421 followers and to attendees following the various show hashtags.

GAF IBS trade show booth button 3D Exhibits

GAF staff wore buttons that said, “Ask me about $13,545.” As they engaged visitors, they used the $13,545 as a jumping-off point to explain the benefits of upgraded roofing with GAF products. By the end of the show, GAF had scanned nearly four-times the number of qualified visitors as they had at the previous year’s show.


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How An Exhibit Audit Helped CONMED Increase Exhibit Success

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CONMED trade show exhibit AAOS 3D Exhibits

CONMED improved its success with its trade show exhibits by more effectively engaging customers – thanks in part to an exhibit audit.

Although the CONMED team had been working hard to improve the booth experience, simplify graphics, and make counters more user friendly, the company still had some questions about how to enhance user experience. CONMED was in the process of planning for the AAOS Annual Meeting when the exhibit audit was conducted. “We were moving in the right direction in our planning,” says their company representative, “But there were some problems still to solve. The insights provided by the audit helped us to solve them effectively.” CONMED knew what they were focused on and the engagement they wanted to have.  The audit gave them some new tools to meet their goals.

CONMED’s new exhibit design focused on two key audit findings: Physicians’ primary reason for visiting the show floor is to see new products and they did not want competing products or messaging vying for their attention. CONMED’s practice had been to display a wide breath of its products at shows. Stocking its exhibit with too wide a selection of its products impacted the physicians’ ability to identify what was new.

CONMED’s new exhibit maintained focus on new products:

-A white runway beneath and canopy ceiling above drew attention to CONMED’s new product display.

CONMED trade show exhibit new products AAOS

-Individual illuminated frames gave focus products the hero treatment.

CONMED new product display trade show exhibit

-Demo station counters were devoted to a single new product —with ample room for physicians to engage in a hands-on demo.

-Graphic light boxes above each workstation addressed just the product at that station.

CONMED demo stations trade show exhibit

-Short videos—less than one minute in length—demonstrated just enough about a product to communicate key benefits to physicians and draw them to the demos.

-Storage drawers housed legacy products out of sight.

CONMED’s new approach resulted in heavy exhibit traffic throughout the show. An exhibit evaluation conducted by a third party hired by the AAOS Annual Meeting show management gave the exhibit nearly perfect scores that placed CONMED as one of the top exhibitors at the show in terms of exhibit messaging, traffic flow, and staff performance.

If you’d like to learn more about 3D Exhibits’ exhibit audit program and how it can help improve your trade show success, email me at

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