Attract Trade Show Attendees With A Dynamic Benefits Statement

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strong benefits message

Marketers want to tell their trade show booth visitors so many things—what their product is, what it does, how it works. But before prospects will listen, you have to start by convincing them you’re worth their time.

The way to do that is through a concise graphic message that clearly states how your product benefits them. You have to answer their top of mind question—which is “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM).

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3D Exhibits Completes Its Move

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3D Exhibits For Real new hq

Hi honey, we’re home!

Yesterday, 3D Exhibits moved into our new 250,000-square foot facility—and we couldn’t be happier. We custom designed this place for you—and for us. It’s a creative environment that stimulates creativity, inspires collaboration and increases our operational efficiency.

We hope you’ll stop by for a tour the next time you’re in the Chicago area. We’ll treat you to fresh popcorn—(yes, we’ve ordered a popcorn machine for our lobby!)—as we show off our design sanctuary, state-of-the-art tech tools, and the 30’ freestanding red cube structure we hold conferences in.

We may be biased, but we think it’s the best workspace of any exhibit house, anywhere.

We are located at 800 Albion Avenue in Schaumburg.

Hope to see you here soon.

3D Exhibits Evolve new hq



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Increase Quality of Trade Show Engagement with Exhibit+Off Floor Demo

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A great option for companies who want to go beyond qualifying trade show booth visitors on the show floor is to pair their exhibit with an onsite but off-the-show-floor meeting room.

Protection 1, a provider of business and home security solutions, achieved great results with this exhibit marketing strategy at ASIS 2013, an event for security professionals. Such good results that Protection 1 is planning an enhanced version of this strategy for ASIS 2014.

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Micro Video Will Be The Next Big Trend In Trade Show Marketing. Here’s How To Use It

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Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 9.23.23 AM

Micro video is a hot trend in marketing. These six to fifteen-second videos have been identified as a hot marketing trend by Forbes Magazine, Fast Company, and others. And it’s easy to understand why—they’re fast, visual, and get to the point instantly.

But micro video isn’t just for social media. Quick, impactful videos are perfect for communicating messages to time-impoverished, over-stimulated trade show attendees.

Three Benefits:

1. Time. Exhibitors have just a few seconds to attract the attention of attendees and a quick clear video that gives just enough information to express their message, explain product benefits or entice attendees to engage.

2. Cost. A short video is less expensive to produce than a long one. Plus with micro-video, customers are willing to accept a more—shall we say—shot on-the-fly—look and feel.

3. Cost efficiency. Companies can achieve incredible cost efficiency by multi-purposing existing content and assets. In addition to trade show applications, micro videos can be used for eblasts, social media, apps, presentations, websites, live events—and even in ads.

One of our customers used this technique recently. While its competitors were showing lengthy video and animations, this innovator stopped attendees in their tracks with a 15-second loop of animated product demos. “We showed them just enough to entice them to a hands-on demo,” says their company representative.

Unfortunately, since micro video is just emerging, we’re a little short on examples we can share. But here are examples of the types of micro-videos that could be used on the trade show floor:

How-to. Micro video is perfect for a 10-second how-to tutorial—as illustrated by this micro video from Sherman Williams on how to eliminate having a paint puddle form around the rim of your paint can.

<iframe class=”vine-embed” src=”” width=”320″ height=”320″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

(If the video isn’t embedded, click this link to view:

Product Usage and Applications. Show the many ways your product can be used—especially the creative applications your customers have created. In just a few seconds, Oreo fills customers with a dozen ideas on new ways to consume its cookies.

Brand Messaging. The right video clip can make your point—even without audio. Technically the following clip is a 30-second TV spot and not a micro-video but a six-second clip of the elephant cutting back into the wave would make the “big can be nimble” point just as clearly as the whole spot.

Are you using micro-video in your exhibit? If you are, we’d like to hear about it.



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Ten Sports Metaphors to Draw Trade Show Attendees to Your Exhibit

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World Cup soccer is heating up, and once again, marketers around the world are leveraging sponsorships and creating tie-in campaigns to increase visibility and earn sports-fan customers. Even Google is getting in on it with its daily soccer-themed Google Doodles.

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