exhibit design & build

Making it real.

Eye-popping exhibits? Absolutely. But when it comes to the success of your program, your exhibit’s skin and bones are equally important. That’s why we tap into our best creative minds to deliver a visually stunning and engaging exterior engineered with service efficiencies in mind. Our teams draw on decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology and a passion for solving our customers’ most demanding challenges.

We don’t stop there, though. There’s nowhere on the globe where you won’t find 3D Exhibits—or a trusted member of our partner network—to install and dismantle the exhibit with the utmost precision. They share our over-the-top attention to detail and fanatical commitment to your success.

Program Management

No stone goes unturned.

This is the team that makes it happen; our lifeline for making ideas a reality. The go-between for Account Services and the shop, they put in long hours to ensure your properties are structurally sound, and that what you saw in the design process is what you get. From the nuts-and-bolts planning to last minute requests, Program Management makes it happen.


Give them something fresh -

in the freshest way.

Our killer concept and design get them in the door. Technology takes over to deliver your message and an exhibit experience that showcases your product all year long. Admittedly, we’re obsessed with finding the latest and greatest tools and wielding them to your advantage—always within the boundaries of what makes sense for the experience we set out to deliver. The result: an unforgettable presence that shows your prospects that your brand is ahead of the curve.


Do it without the commitment.

We get it. Budgets are tighter than ever. But you still need to stop them in their tracks on the show floor. That’s why we offer a well-stocked inventory of high-quality custom rental solutions to meet your needs and budgets. Give your customers an unforgettable experience while sparing your company the commitment of ownership.


Taking your business to new

heights and new places.

You know that taking your message around the globe means cultural differences, unfamiliar regulations and an insane amount of detail. It’s a challenge for anyone, but we’ve got it down. And, for you, it’ll be hassle-free.


More than just a one-event stand.

No doubt that together we’ll create a memorable show floor experience. But let’s take it beyond the expected with your customers by executing an event outside the exhibit hall that gets them buzzing. Buzzing for real.


Widen the impact crater.

Build the anticipation. Make sure your exhibit is a must-see. Deliver on the promise, then keep the conversation rolling. A fully integrated plan should get them in the door, then convert the sale. That’s what matters.

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